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Chesapeake Bay Grand Banks Owners Association, Inc.

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Membership Benefits

We are Grand Banks Owners who enjoy boating on the Chesapeake Bay

The CBGBOA is an association of of current, former, and prospective owners of Grand Banks yachts.  We also welcome owners who have a cruising vessel similar to a Grand Banks.  We sponsor social activities,cruises and the exchange of information and ideas.

Our goals are to:

  • Create opportunities for social interaction among owners, potential owners and other individuals having an appreciation for boats bearing the Grand Banks brand name.
  • Foster enjoyable, knowledgeable and safe boating via cruising and rendezvous events.
  • Provide a means of communicating between members, relative to recreational boating, by publishing a newsletter and maintaining a website.
  • Promote an understanding of our boats with emphasis on maintenance and technical issues.
  • Promote pride in ownership of the Grand Banks brand.
  • Promote a relationship with Grand Banks Yachts, Ltd., its dealers and maintenance facilities as well as vendors that have an expressed interest in our boats.

We Have Been Active as a Group Since 1967

The Chesapeake Bay Grand Banks Owners Association got its start in 1967 with  a casual get-together of boat owners with the help of a young salesman, John Shannahan.  By 1985, the first official Grand Banks rendezvous was held at the Tides Lodge.  In 2002, John Shannahan had agreed to be the dealer/sponsor of the GBOC and Jim Watson was the first president.  On March 2, 2009, the GBCBOA was was officially incorporated as a Tax Exempt 501(C)3 organization. For more info, go to CBGBOA Historical Milestones

You'll have access to a great website to contact others with similar interests

We think our website is a great benefit to our members.  Please explore it, take advantage of our forums, and check the wealth of information stored online.  Want to cruise with others who have a similar interest and would be great company?  Get on the cruising Forum and make your desires known.

Joining us is easy.

Joining CBGBOA is easy.  We are family type membership.  One person will sign up as the MEMBER, and will fill out all the pertinent membership information.  The person who is Spouse/Partner gets full access as the Member.  Family members can also be identified, although their access is restricted to the same as the public.
We have a policy that all new members have a sponsor (to introduce them to other club members) so if you don't know a member to be your sponsor, just contact the Membership Chair and we'll get one in contact with you.
Note that boat owners who wish to join, but don't own a Grand Banks, do require 2 sponsors to recommend you.  Again, if you are having problems identifying 2 sponsors, the Membership Chair will provide assistance.
Don't worry about making an error in your application.  Everything you put in your application can be modified or changed by you as time goes on and you get more familiar with our organization.  Go right ahead and start filling out the Member Signup Form .Member Signup / Information

Comraderie with fellow Boaters

Joining CBGBOA was a way to build comraderie with other Grand Bank Owners.  We build friendships based on our love of cruising.   Sharing like experiences and enjoying each other's company in the water.